Wishful World

Wishful world is wild and wide,

Aims, Ambitions, An adventurous ride.

Lot of arts to choose from,

Lots of paths to abide.


Alluring is the dreams call,

An urge to step out of your hall,

To answer it, you leave your home,

Family, friends and freedom above all.


The climb so high, you lose all hope

Hands burn clutching the faiths rope

You ask your soul, “Is this my doom?”

Bathing in tears along a doubted slope


Persistent efforts make the fantasies come true

Hypocrites say, “Hello!!” out of the blue

Merry always is the success room

But of dear ones you have no clue


Your heart feels heavy, amidst all this

That alluring beauty gave a poisonous kiss

Polished glass with a wine of gloom

Then you realize, it is the home you miss.


Asim Rafiq Mulla

Asim Rafiq Mulla's picture

Brought up in Karwar, a small town in Karnataka, India, Asim Mulla is the new coming of age poet who takes you a step closer to base human emotions.

Last updated October 15, 2015