Yes Leave Me

by Eliza Acton

Eliza Acton

Yes leave me !-I can bear it now,
For e'en while those wild words are spoken,
See I am calm, as though thy vow
Of faithfulness, had ne'er been broken.
I do not weep !-fast tears may fall
O'er transient cares, and lighter ill;
But oh! the bitterest griefs of all,
Are nurs'd in tearless anguish still.
E'en in our happiest days I felt
Thy love was but a summer-beam,
Which soon, with quick decline would melt
Away, like some dissolving dream.
I know that round that wand'ring heart
New ties are woven-and thy will
Would rend the ling'ring bond apart,
Which seemingly unites us still.
Well, be it so !-the charm is o'er
Which long hath bound me with its spell;
My thoughts shall never waken more
In tenderness for thee-Farewell!

Last updated January 14, 2019