Birth Of A Flower

by Riss Ryker

ently grows the flower.
Seeking petal perfection on
the wings of a seed.
Mating with the earth
in dark richness,
germinating transcendence.

Evolution bursts free,
spiraling ever upwards
to greet a bright reality.
Unfolding newborns,
velvet in their sheaths of green.

Begging the sky, they drink.
Perfect petals push their way
to efflorescence, lifting satin
faces to the sun in reverence.
Butterflies behold, as blossom

unfolds it’s glory for all to see.
The flower is born and Earth
weeps it’s blessings.
Gently grows the flower.

Lisa Doesburg's picture

Lisa Doesburg resides in beautiful upstate New York near the amazing Adirondack Mountains. Mother and grandmother, she spends her days writing, flower gardening, and hiking mountain trails with her dogs, Fia and Timber.

Last updated March 18, 2015