I hear the roar of a Harley…

by River Urke

My days blend with abstract strokes
marking my canvas of yesterday.

A painting with darks of red and green
broken hearts and shreds of torn dreams
ripples of ebbs and flows of mourning.

Our Orchid wilts in smears of gray
as Cardinals sing their afternoon song

I hear the roar of a Harley coming strong
flooding me with thoughts of you and I
riding mountain views and ocean blues

visions in colors of a time we made love
under a blooming canopy of Orchid.

In truth, our love was mostly a torrid affair
we hid with tangled webs of weak threads
and bitter trust.

I hear the roar of a Harley fading away
my abstract strokes I paint in hues of red.

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I am a Poet, Writer, Artist, Editor, and most importantly Mother. My recent poetry can be found on my poetry blog Waabin Ozhibiiwin ~Dawn Writer. ~ I am the Executive Editor for the online literary journal, The River.

Last updated September 04, 2015