A Man In Love

by Faith Elizabeth Brigham

he waits for her
his princess
the woman of
his wildest dreams
yes, his kind
of woman
in due time
she will saunter by

he longs to
catch her eye
for in her eyes
he sees something
of beauty
something that
makes his heart
pound in his chest
oh how he yearns
to touch her

he wants to gaze
at her long legs
and hear her high heels
clicking on the pavement
knowing he is a commoner
among men he holds back
thinking she will
break his heart
if she passes by
without a word

then she comes round
the corner of the
station looking like
a goddess to him
the woman he has
dreamed of holding
in his arms
the one he longs for
late at night
his eyes wide awake

he has never
seen her looking
so absolutely stunning
he had the words
he would say
to her rehearsed
when he saw her today

yet now all
he could do was
stand and stare
at her dumb-struck
his soul on fire
as he watched
her wink at him
and climb aboard
the bus that
goes down town

Faith Elizabeth Brigham's picture

American poet and writer whose work has been published both on and off line. Poet is included in the International Who's Who in Poetry and World Who's Who. She has performed poetry readings in Florida.

Last updated October 11, 2011