We embraced and talked about rains

by Vinko Kalinic

We were cold. On that summer night. We were embraced and talked about the rains. About the rains that were falling violently. Falling as if the sky itself was falling. Rains, that have fallen forever. Rains that made us soaking wet to the bones. Today we are on dry surface. We talked also about those rains which have never stopped falling. Even though they were only a drizzle. So small and drizzly that even today we feel totally scattered about them. Rains that still fall today. And they shall still fall for long, long, long time... In fact, the rains that would have been falling forever. Only if we would not be able to resist the decay of time. Time in what we shall once surely fall into. And perish. In some other peoples springs. Leaving behind just a scent of some, long time fallen autumn.

And the rains were making us wet that summer. All night long. Clinging tight one to another. One through another. Drop by drop. Out of two of us, thousands of us.

Komiža, July 29th, 2011

Vinko Kalinic

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Vinko Kalinić was born 1974 in Split, Croatia. He is a writer, journalist and human rights activist. He lives on the island of Vis. He is the editor of the internet portal My island of Vis, which is dedicated to life on the island and the Mediterranean culture. Also on facebook Vinko Kalinić daily writes his poetic diary, which tracks more than 2 300 fans. - http://vinkokalinic.blogspot.com/

Last updated September 28, 2011