by Robert Greene

Robert Greene

P. From [Greene's] Orpharion (1599)

[Greenes Orpharion.
Wherin is discoue-
red a musicall concorde of pleasant
Histories, many sweet moodes graced with
such harmonious discords,
as agreeing in a delight-
full closse, they sound both pleasure and profit
to the eare.

Heerein also as in a Diateheron, the branches of Vertue,
ascending and descending by degrees: are covnited in

the glorious praise of women-kind.

With diuers Tragicall and Comicall Histories

Presented by Orpheus and Arion , being as full of

profit as of pleasure.

Omne tulit punctum, qui miscuit vtile dulci.

Robertus Greene, in Artibus Magister ./

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