I sat on the wall during lunch today,
And gazed upon a sea of green.

Rich, organic, bathed in sunlight.
Breathing, singing.

I study the grass.
I begin to wonder.
I bite into my sandwich

Disappearing into spears of green,
I carelessly forget.
But oh, what I have provided.

I do not think the ants share my sentiments.
My philosophical misgatherings.
Tiny antenna twitching,
Spindly legs scrabbling
First one, then two,
And in time five, and six.

Together they toil.
Dragging, tripping, tugging, heaving.

How frustrating.

I witness an incredible, almost microscopic feat;
a challenge that would perhaps terrify others of equal measure.


Together, I think.

Why cant we be more like ants?

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I have always been passionate about writing. Words can be beautiful, powerful, they may make us laugh, or perhaps weep. Words can make sense of our inner beings; or like me, they may convey a warped sense of humor!, Im an accredited Counsellor; currently working with traumatized young people; obtaining my MA in Counselling in Australia; a country where I live and work., Narratives are important in my work with young people, and I often find poetry to be an excellent medium from which to explore our inner worlds and feelings. Of course, poetry can also make us laugh; something of equal importance :)

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