The Scarecrow

The mud is thick, the clouds are grey,
Alone I stand here, in dismay.
For months I will wait, without any friends,
Standing on duty, ''til harvest ends.

But wait. What's that I see in the soil?
There are tiny plants beginning to coil
Upwards and outwards, reaching up to the sun,
Their journey has started, the crops have begun.

It's summer now and the Barley is high,
Iv'e been really busy, scaring birds to the sky,
But alas, here I am, not one single friend.
I was feeling quite sad and unloved. But then...

...Below, at my feet, I heard a small whisper.
"Hey you up there! Hey look at me Mister!"

Well, wouldn't you know it, staring up from the Barley,
Was a wee little field mouse, "Hello, my name's Marley."

"Hi there Marley" I smiled with glee.
"Why don't you come up here and talk to me?
The weather is changing. That's what I have been told.
Would you like shelter? Away from the cold?"

The little mouse smiled and came to depend
On the kind, caring scarecrow; his new found friend.
And even today the two are together,
Friends ''til the end, Forever and ever

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I have always been passionate about writing. Words can be beautiful, powerful, they may make us laugh, or perhaps weep. Words can make sense of our inner beings; or like me, they may convey a warped sense of humor!, Im an accredited Counsellor; currently working with traumatized young people; obtaining my MA in Counselling in Australia; a country where I live and work., Narratives are important in my work with young people, and I often find poetry to be an excellent medium from which to explore our inner worlds and feelings. Of course, poetry can also make us laugh; something of equal importance :)

Last updated September 15, 2011