Shattered Dreams. Broken Promises.

by Russell James

Shattered Dreams. Broken Promises.
Unachieved Goals sadden souls.
Feeling lost with no where to go feeling alone filled with sorrow.
Went down the wrong path. Now I'm feeling the wrath of absolute failure
man oh man this is such a Disaster.
Will I be able to pick myself up from this.
Will I be able to get myself out of this mess.
Will I ever taste the taste of success.
Will I ever be able to pass life's test.
I guess I have to stay strong and be the best I can be.
Then maybe just maybe I will succeed.
Got to fight through these demons that I possess.
And all my sins that I bare I must confess.
I Have to reunite with my inner self.
Release all the bad from inside me and store it away on a shelf.
I know I can do this I know I can.
If I fight, fight, fight I know I will become a better man.

Russell James

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