Mother in Heaven

by Sophie Herxheimer

Sophie Herxheimer

What’s the difference
Between a ghost and a bride?

Both like to spook you darling!

I’m in crisp broderie anglaise
So pretty and demure, and look!

I’m marrying for the very first time,

My first boyfriend, handsome
Desmond Cliff, who loves me
In that great unguarded
Boyfriend way.
He’s cricket captain!

We don’t care about guests,
Heaven is full of them,

And all the guest equipment:
Fluffy white towels, little soaps, a lawn…

It’s a gesture of exclusivity
Our children aren’t invited,
Needn’t even know.

Heaven’s a place where
Innocence can grow its daisies
Unencumbered, and

Sadness, mixed with
Impossible pavlovas
Is the new black.

Last updated August 25, 2022