by Spiros Zafiris

does a house see
do willows talk
ritual of man,
communication with roses
and elks,
reach for the nearest
tree of surrender,
bother its harmony
with a strengthening request
..channeled; spirit Ram; 1987

Spiros Zafiris

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..Friday, Oct. 28, 2011..>>i am a Montreal poet, 61..a, Capricorn (late December)..single..not looking--, a hermit..many of my poems are widely available online--(ezines and periodicals, and anthologies)..presently, my greatest loves (poetrywise) are tanka and kyoka, earlier times (1979/81) i self-published 2 books of which I sold 5, 000 copies in approx. 3 years.., of poems, Very Personal/Midnight Magic..

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