Purple Heart Liz (My Girl At Woodstock)

by Steve Sant

It was all record playing
Jigging and swaying
Some experiment too
Although not ever I
All fumbling and shy
I left all the tripping to you

Oh I had my wild times
Fuelled by beers and wines
And I once smoked a funny cigarette
Though I took on some stick
Pills are still for the sick
So I didn't and still haven't yet

You wore your hair long
As we mumbled the song
In a haze of Gitanes and sun
The miller told his tale
A white shade of pale
And the summer of love had begun

Joplin and Cohen,
You read Wilfred Owen
And applied all you knew with a smile
Hendrix and Bach
We went on a march
We were getting somewhere for a while

I'm here by chance
In the pub where we danced
Over there where the child zone is
Older and wiser
Im raising my cider
To the memory of purple heart Liz.

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Published British poet., Interests include World War One, Social Justice., Influences include Betjemen, Plath and Auden.

Last updated December 27, 2017