by Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath

Jade -
Stone of the side,
The antagonized
Side of green Adam, I
Smile, cross-legged,
Shifting my clarities.
So valuable!
How the sun polishes this shoulder!
And should
The moon, my
Indefatigable cousin
Rise, with her cancerous pallors,
Dragging trees -
Little bushy polyps,
Little nets,
My visibilities hide.
I gleam like a mirror.
At this facet the bridegroom arrives
Lord of the mirrors!
It is himself he guides
In among these silk
Screens, these rustling appurtenances.
I breathe, and the mouth
Veil stirs its curtain
My eye
Veil is
A concatenation of rainbows.
I am his.
Even in his
Absence, I
Revolve in my
Sheath of impossibles,
Priceless and quiet
Among these parrakeets, macaws!
O chatterers
Attendants of the eyelash!
I shall unloose
One feather, like the peacock.
Attendants of the lip!
I shall unloose
One note
The chandelier
Of air that all day flies
Its crystals
A million ignorants.
And at his next step
I shall unloose
I shall unloose -
From the small jeweled
Doll he guards like a heart -
The lioness,
The shriek in the bath,
The cloak of holes.

Last updated January 14, 2019