by Sylvie Baumgartel

Sylvie Baumgartel

True domination means
That all of the desires & impulses
Come from the submissive;
All dominant actions
Are responses to the submissive
In the purest form.

In bed I do like to be hit.
But where do I draw the line?
He erases any line I draw.
Everything is sexual so
Everything is bed.
He erases me.
My desires & impulses frighten me.
My child’s tenderness alarms me.

I have no control over what I want.
Desires are in me I did not choose.
Desire means of the father, de-sire.
The father I did not choose. Or did I?
I have no say in what I want.

Sometimes just before
I have an orgasm,
I imagine I am a child.
I cannot help it.

Victoria cared for her violent
Father as he died & the moment
After, she was so relieved.
She wouldn’t be
Scared anymore as she had
Been her entire life.
Right after he died, she began to
Profusely lactate.
Her breasts were overflowing with milk.
She’s never been pregnant.
She makes so much breastmilk she
Has to take medication
To prevent her body from
Making the milk. But her body
Wants to. It wants to feed, to
Nurture, to provide, to be sucked.

Last updated November 08, 2022