To Outer Nature

by Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy

SHOW thee as I thought thee
When I early sought thee,
All undoubting
Love alone had wrought thee-
Wrought thee for my pleasure,
Planned thee as a measure
For expounding
And resounding
Glad things that men treasure.
O for but a moment
Of that old endowment-
Light to gaily
See thy daily
Irisèd embowment!
But such readorning
Time forbids with scorning-
Makes me see things
Cease to be things
They were in my morning.
Fad'st thou, glow-forsaken,
Thy first sweetness,
Radiance, meetness,
None shall reawaken.
Why not sempiternal
Thou and I? Our vernal
Brightness keeping,
Time outleaping;
Passed the hodiernal!

Last updated August 18, 2022