What Sam Found in His Backpack After Break

by Tony E Roberts

- one library copy of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Underground

- one composition notebook with “Sam’s journal” written on the cover
with a black Sharpie.

- two blackened banana peels, and one browned apple core,
slightly shriveled.

- one black, long-sleeve “Mumford and Sons” t-shirt.

- one pack of tissues.

- five crumpled tissues, gently used.

- 10 sheets of lined paper with partial poems, all entitled “Sandy”
wadded up in balls.

- one 2 GB Sony Voice recorder.

- two phone chargers.

- one red umbrella with cats and dogs printed on it and the words,
“It’s raining cats and dogs.”

- one large stainless steel coffee mug.

- three pens

- a large ink stain.

- regret.

Tony E Roberts

Tony has "A Way With Words" - a Wordpress blog where his poems (and prose) appear. His subjects include manatees, forlorn lovers, Bingo, family, and old cabins. He counts John Prine as his muse.

Last updated March 10, 2013