On The City Wall

by Laurence Hope

Adela Florence Nicolson

Upon the City Ramparts, lit up by sunset gleam,
The Blue eyes that conquer, meet the Darker eyes that dream.
The Dark eyes, so Eastern, and the Blue eyes from the West,
The last alight with action, the first so full of rest.
Brown, that seem to hold the Past; its magic mystery,
Blue, that catch the early light, of ages yet to be.
Meet and fall and meet again, then linger, look, and smile,
Time and distance all forgotten, for a little while.
Happy on the city wall, in the warm spring weather,
All the force of Nature's laws, drawing them together.
East and West so gaily blending, for a little space,
All the sunshine seems to centre, round th' Enchanted place!
One rides down the dusty road, one watches from the wall,
Azure eyes would fain return, and Amber eyes recall;
Would fain be on the ramparts, and resting heart to heart,
But time o' love is overpast, East and West must part.
Blue eyes so clear and brilliant! Brown eyes so dark and deep!
Those are dim, and ride away, these cry themselves to sleep.
_"Oh, since Love is all so short, the sob so near the smile,_
_Blue eyes that always conquer us, is it worth your while?"_

Last updated January 14, 2019