Prayers to God

by Alyssa Garner


Many people pray to god for many things
“God help me with my math test.”
“God, have mercy on me because I failed my drivers test.”
“God, I want you to heal me.”
“God, I want you to heal my family.”
Many people try to bribe God
“God, heal me and I will change my ways.”
“God, please help my family and I will go to church every Sunday.”
“God, grant me tickets to WWE and I will do whatever you want.”
“God, I will follow your law to the letter if you will make me famous.”
Many people blame God for their lives
“God, why did you give me cancer?”
“God, why did you let my best friend died?”
“God, how could you let this happen to me?”
“God, why don’t you do anything to help me?”
We are all guilty of these at some point in our lives
I treasure what I have and couldn’t ask for anything more
God has no real control of our lives
He lets us fall and make our own mistakes
It’s what you plan to do about it that God helps you.

I am a spinal cord injury poet that just wants to share my work. I work hard for everything I have and wish to be admired for my accomplishments rather than pitied on for my disability.

Last updated October 19, 2017