Searching For God

by James Moody


I thought I’d look for God today
In places searched before
Hoping that I’ve missed a clue
Or find an unopened door

My search began with the morning news
For something to bring cheer
To let me know that God is real
I found only hate and fear

I then turned to the Bible
For hope that hope is well
To only find in cryptic words
My destiny in hell

I peered into my own desires
For meaning in my quests
I found a lot of guilt and shame
And a heart that has no rest

I looked to friends and neighbors
For some good news in their eyes
Their down cast face of sorrow
Told me they too realize

That God is either gone or not
His presence is not here
Today’s the same as yesterday
As it’s been throughout the years

But all those well meaning folks
Tell me “just have a little faith
And God will come and carry you home
To that peaceful loving place”

They say “it’s faith that saves us”
But I can’t see how that can be
For faith was never crucified
Nor died to set us free

No, faith is just for coping
With this helpless life of sin
An instrument for getting by
While waiting for the end

Faith fortifies our journey
So that we finish and not roam
It leads us through the darkened valley
Till we all are brought back home

I didn’t find God today
No matter where I looked
Perhaps it’s just my inept ways
Or a truth that was mistook

And tomorrow I’ll begin again
To see what I might see
And maybe someday the time will come
When God will search for me

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I am age 67, a retired construction worker., Father of 5., Grandfather of 16, great grandfather of 2., Enjoy reading and writing, mainly poetry., Enjoy music of every kind.

Last updated April 06, 2016