The Earth Smiles Back

by Alyssa Murray

Standing on the rocky shore,
waves crash into the bay,
The sandy beaches glimmer in
the newness of the day.

Wandering the shoreline,
a sound from far away,
The forest echoes with the sound,
of a blackbird or a jay.

Discovering a tree-lined path,
it seems the perfect day,
To walk a trail I never knew,
and get some time away.

Breathing in the evergreen,
convinces me to stay,
So I sit a bit to watch
the leaves and branches play.

Sitting still among the trees,
and all the shades of green,
I smile as I marvel at
these sights I've never seen

Streams of light shine through just right,
Pillars of sunshine, immensely bright,
I can't be sure but it seems to be,
the earth is smiling back at me.

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Alyssa is a writer, poet, explorer, and philosopher. Her works are strongly influenced by nature, coexistence, compassion, and spirituality.,

Last updated September 08, 2011