The Painted Earth

by Alyssa Murray

Red of rose and crimson blush of sunset,
blazing ruby ribbons across the sky,
fading dreams of tangerine I'll not forget,
aglow in flames of gold upon my eye.

Sunflowers, daffodils and bumblebees,
In yellow warmth and lemon mellow sun,
and fern-lined pathways green with mossy trees,
in shades of shifting jade as day is spun.

Clouds mingle reflections in sapphire streams,
Cerulean vistas of water and sky,
Fading violet and lilac moonbeams,
Indigo visions in clouds drifting by.

I give my thanks for Nature's work and worth,
with a humble ode to the painted earth.

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Alyssa is a writer, poet, explorer, and philosopher. Her works are strongly influenced by nature, coexistence, compassion, and spirituality.,

Last updated September 08, 2011