Phantom Zone

by Angie Karan

Surprise surprise is near
Phantom of the opera is here
You... You are so beautiful
I'm different. No beautiful no ugly
Not everyone matches with
Everyone else in everything

Well, that is so obvious now
It makes vivid sense to how
When you got off the plane
Walking with distance in front
Tried hard not to show the pain
And took it with a grain of salt

Mind games, transient sorrows
Careworn craze is, that follows
A phantom of his own figuring.
A shadow breeding its games
Set on a blog full of blistering
A hidden whisper now removed

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Creating and writing through my experience in life ! Writing (quotes, poems, short stories) and also creating my own digital art, are my inspiration, it is something I put my heart and soul in to when I create them! I am aspired to helping others through these!

Last updated April 11, 2015