Some May Not

by Brenda Gonzalez

Some may seen the different ways divided until the world unifies forever may back here matters thy reasons.
Some things were alike back then but the same reason was with the similar girl with characterizes of sudden strategies.
I know I’m unlike them them against me
I refired to ignite my desire
I devour the hater empire
Me against myself
Me against the world
The world only one here
To free me
To sees me
Yes this where Brenda will bring you the life of will it could be of what am suppose to be Am not alive until you hear me
I will hear the same rhyme only if you want me
I will sure fly
I will come alive
Back when I was in the strobe light
Its was mad overdosing sprite
Look over my shoulder
What could it be a there boulder
Against ill shrill kill skill feel
Deeper than an ocean overseas like a drum
Faster than a car race
He' sluttier than a whore house
His veins are redder than blood
His window is more open like as I was a customer on his driveway of Love
Avenue his eyes sparkle like a love duster.

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I like writing poetry in all different ways from haiku's to inspirational poems. I also enjoy writing poems about life and nature. I love writing lyric poems and verses. I know how to write lyric poems without writing them down beforehand.

Last updated June 20, 2015