We where brothers

by Caleb Pinckney

We were brothers a far distance apart. But when you passed I felt a void ripping in to my soul. For you and I are not so different in mind and spirit. Throughout our lives we grew up in different worlds. For mine is a world of pain and agony and yours is full of love and joy so we are brothers a far distance apart. For we are on earth and you are in heaven. For our world is dying and your world is thriving and our world is broken by crime such as theft, murder, lust death of loved ones. But your world full of happiness, such as hugs, laughter, and also where the birds sing freely and the deer walk calmly beside you even through the storm. So we are in different worlds and that’s okay for you are with us throughout our life

I'm 17 but I love writing poetry

Last updated March 21, 2015