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by Jeanine Canaris

Jeanine Canaris

Locked in a cell
with no bars holding me in
my heart and mind
.........set on spin

will the pain ever stop
or must it go on
Will they ever let me be
let me live, to fly free

losing myself each and every day
where's the little girl
who used to run and play?

have they killed her
with their lies
why must it be she
that they despise

I can hear her crying
but cant stop the tears
she's been to long
and for too many years...........

Jeanine Canaris

Jeanine (Gina) Canaris was born on the east coast, in Pennsylvania. She moved to the west coast in California. She has written several poems, as well as songs, evident in her lyrical poetry. The poet writes about peace, love, and things that we all go through in this world of ours.

Last updated April 02, 2015