by Brenda Maria Gonzalez

The only time I felt out of air is when I
I was stuck in a memory of past times
during that time I went into absolute panic
It was a friendship between myself and the unknown
The unknown would say to keep it together and don't let go
I wouldn't let go this very last time
I didn't knew it meant being gone forever
and never returning back home to where I was at
The time before i gived in was like an instant glance of something i didn't really see
The voices are loud
The memory are still vivid
The flash back memories are mine
It was a calling that I had to make myself forget over time
Are we ever going to forget the present?
Isn't there more than this or is this the reason Why I should've never given up in the first place.

Brenda Gonzalez

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I like writing poetry in all different ways from haiku's to inspirational poems. I also enjoy writing poems about life and nature. I love writing lyric poems and verses. I know how to write lyric poems without writing them down beforehand.

Last updated October 04, 2016