I Love My Country

I love my country Nigeria,
Though dwarfed from malaria.
Because I have an aria
That boils in my heart's rear,
Which my country must hear,
Else it flees to Rhea.

I love my country Nigeria.
It tilts like the Tower of Pisa,
But stable as the Pyramid of Giza.
Easily rocked by a gentle breeze,
But stands a storm with ease.
The reason for my aria!

I love my country Nigeria,
But wish it were a nation,
Not a cluster--an appellation--
Of dunes and stretches of savanna,
Of rocky hills and valleys of banana,
Of mashes and mire, inter alia.

I love my country Nigeria
Not the vultures in peacock's feathers,
Or the hawks that pride in blathers,
Who shrill and shrink our coffers,
And swagger while the nation suffers.
They're soon en route to Siberia.

I will sing my aria for Nigeria,
When the dirge sounds with pomp;
And we bounce and hop and romp
At the death of our foe--corruption.
We joy in the birth of our Nation,
And clasp hands and grow Nigeria.

I’ll live my aria for Nigeria.
No more aimless amble on an unsure course.
Excellence’s noble; mediocrity, a curse.
Beauty wafts from rich garlands of praise
For the legion of merits we raise.
A nation truly Nigeria!

My dream glows for Nigeria
Where heads bow at the fall of a sparrow;
An infant's death, a loss to tomorrow.
People recoil at trampling an ant;
Leaders serve with honor, not flagrant,
'Cause we love Nigeria

You see why I love Nigeria?
We cherish what God has given.
National goals are purpose-driven,
So we ponder else we squander,
Aware we'll soon have to render,
In line with God's criteria.

Lagos, Nigeria

Celestine S. Ikwuamaesi's picture

A Christian writer and novelist. Has written 4 Christian non-fiction and 1 novel. Written a collection of spiritual poems yet to be published.

Last updated October 15, 2013