Cold Heart

Fearful of my way, don't you want me to stay
protect that night i may,
task till begun at the sign of darkness appears,
the darkness removes my presence here onto here.
That cold dark seemingly, fill me up to a dark unseeingly.
It's told, i cold, this the universal world
when that night falls down to a chilly- chilled- chill.
Take a good look, shriek when you hear that coldness return
that i strictly sworn, i torn that heart fifty beats and more,
when the cold rose, all they saw was a swifting fall
with a screaming assension of hurting bawls.
Give me back my life the way it was
to shrowd my shadow to another someone
because of a near no nameless name
youthfulness of wealthy wickedness,
worthy, wordly will vacate with uneasiness.
Because non shall be spared
i'll change that friendly look,
with a kiss of my cold steer.

sylvan lightbourne

Sylvan Lightbourne's picture

My name is Sylvan Lightbourne, born on the 4/2/1985 in the small island of Trinidad and Tobago, located in the Caribbean. From the age of fourteen, i have founded a truth about a hidden talent of writing. After its explorative experimentation, it has brought me to a sightings of poetry. I have created literature of a warring faction, in both rhymes and music. War poetry fills me entirely. Other occurrences during that age brought me to another realm of wisdomic dimensions. The art of writing lost knowledges called " the power of uniformity and uniform powers". The author of "a product of insanity" which is my first published book . Published in the year of 2011 would be seen as a decadence occurrence to mankind. Literature filled with boisterous, courageous, loyalty inspirational doctrines would open the eyes of 21st century dissidents and holders of the spirited energies of the world. The second demise of this continued doctrinal efforts would be seen in my second book, soon to be created to the world.

Last updated September 13, 2016