October Requiem

The bruising fist of poverty knuckles you into place
The spiteful howl of wind and rain lash your human grace
So cold your fingers raw and cracked
Shredded numbness sharks your back
Looking for somewhere warm and safe
But thundering skies kill your fate
You hiss and wheeze
You try to breathe
Chopping for air as Nature bleeds
Weeping clouds drown your cries
And rivers of pain cradle your sighs
A swan of beauty lifts you through
Anchoring you to a sea of blue
Calm now sweet, painted clear
A crown of hope blunts your fear
As pink geraniums blush your heart
And dreams of better trumpet the stars .

Urban Collage Saira Viola

Saira Viola's picture

Saira is an emerging fiction writer poet and social commentator. Saira has developed a pioneering literary style she calls sonic-scatter-script where she uses lyrical beats, art, colour nature, street slang and references to contemporary culture to describe characters and plot action. Saira is moved by art, music, nature, rebellion and social injustice. Her stories are distinguished by surreal plot lines, with social undercurrents and memorable characters. She uses the rhythm of life to create melodies in her work. Books : SLIDE, CRACK APPLE AND POP! She is currently working on her next novel and has completed her first collection of poetry FAST FOOD AND GIN ON THE LAWN.

Last updated July 03, 2015