I have to let go

by By: Darnisha Hudson

I was about to fall as he held my hand ever so slightly.
I knew I was about to fall, but I didn’t know when.
My heart pond louder than my thoughts and I didn’t take my eyes off of him.
He told me to trust him, but didn’t bother to help me up.
I was sick of waiting for it to happen.
So I begin pulling my hand away.
And he watch into I was seconds from falling.
He leaned as if he tried to catch me, but waited too long before he held out his hand.
I looked at him as I felt.
I called his name.
He heard me, but didn’t reply.
I let a tear fall as I watch him slowly fade away.
I didn’t know when this hole would end.
But I knew it was going to be a while into I found my way out.


I could see the light.
But no matter how much I walked it didn’t seem to move.
I didn’t know how long or how much time it would take to get there.
All I knew was that it was too late to tune around.
And I was too scared of what waited for me in the darkness.
I then hear my name echo form behind me.
But I didn’t bother to look.
Because that voice was in my head.

I love to write, sing, and dance. What made me write poem was to express my feelings. I'm better on writing a free verse poem.

Last updated November 19, 2013