From Kenya With Love

If they came today; faces would crumple with agony
Unstaunched wounds of wars would open fresh
With memories of pledges and battles of deliverance
The freedom fighters who sworn patriotism
Tears would drip from eyes round with amazement
Brothers fighting one another; what of loyalty
Had the land not been fought for with enough blood
Shed by unknown warriors now in unmarked graves

They hoisted the flag of freedom; A colorful banner
Red as of gusto blood; shed by unsung heroes
Green as the lush nature rugged cloak; our Lands
Black as Jade; for united people blessed with a skin
White as of the snow on Mt Kenya; for Peace and Love

Now sad echoes grappling every corner leave unknown pain
Gnawing my entity; what happened to the togetherness
Kenya the land of my birth bleeds with violence sobs
Dirty fat hands straddling people with injustice, no nice
Letting people die for their egocentric missions

I rise from unnamed grave; with muffled voice
To be a voice of the voiceless; From Kenya with Love
If you are with me, take your place besides me
And rejoice with a perspicuous heart
Kenya our motherland; Let no Man evil against a kin
Live in brotherhood; let peace upon Kenya

David Mbitu Muchia

I love volunteering works and wish to create a positive change in the world. i love poetry because i write what i think and it is the best channel in my life to express what i feel.

Last updated July 14, 2015