The Clavichord

by Dollie Radford

Dollie Radford

The night is full of fantasies,
And, while you play,
A light wind blows among the trees
Far, far away.

And far away the daffodils
Begin to stir,
While all the sunny woodland fills
With gossamer.

And now a starry bugle calls,
And lo, in rings,
And crystal drops, the music falls
From angels' wings.

There are sweet whisperings in the air,
And softly told
Are fair forgotten things that were
So dear of old.

And now the tale is newly said,
Of sad and sweet,
And now the unseen choir have fled
With twinkling feet.

Their floating raiment touches me,
As they depart,
And new songs strive for melody
Within my heart.

For quickened voices to hold anew
And keep alway,
The magic that must die when you
No longer play.

Last updated November 17, 2022