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Caroline Maitland (December 3, 1858 – March 7, 1920) was a British poet and writer. Married to the poet Ernest Radford, she published her poetry under the name Dollie Radford. Her earliest poems was published as Caroline Maitland in the radical journal Progress: A Monthly Magazine of Advanced Thought in 1883. Bernard Shaw set one of these texts to music in 1884. Between 1891 and 1912 Radford's poems appeared in magazines such as The Athenaeum, The Nation, McClure's Magazine and The Yellow Book. The poems also appeared in five anthologies, and she wrote a collection of short stories and seven children's books. Radford ostensibly wrote short romantic poetry that combined romantic images of nature with feminist ideas. Each of Radford's books contains a series of tender love poems, usually addressed to a lover but sometimes written by mother to children.
In her volumes, like A Light Load (1891), Songs for Somebody (1893), One Way of Love: an Idyll (1898), The Poet’s Larder and Other Stories (1904) and a A Ballad of Victory and Other Poems (1907), she regularly interrupts the conventional routine with a series of poems that startle with their unpredictably decadent, feminist or socialist views.

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