Bataan Falls!

by Don Blanding

Don Blanding

Bataan . . . Bataan.
Bataan Falls! Bataan.
Like the tramp of feet on the road to doom,
Like the bomber’s roar. . . like the cannon’s boom.
Like the drums of death the word command
Men and women of every land
To stop! To listen! To understand!
To pulse our hearts to the weary beat. . .
Advance . . retreat . . advance . . retreat.
There is glory in such defeat
For each man gave of the best he had,
Bearded veteran . . beardless lad
Gave of his strength, his hope, his life
For mother, brother, friend and wife.
Unknown heroes whose fame is sung
When “Bataan” is uttered by any tongue.
Take those banners from wounded hands
And carry the battle to stricken lands.
Work and sacrifice, hope and give.
That glorious word must forever live,
Symbol of courage. That splendid name
Should be stamped with blood and seared with flame
On the heart of every woman and man.
Dare to forget it . . if you can!

Last updated November 17, 2022