The Flustards

by Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss

Of all the animals I’ve ever met
The Flustards, I think, are the silliest yet.
Poor Flustards! They spend every hour every day
In front of their house in a most stupid way....
Standing. Just standing. They’re waiting, they say.

But waiting for what...?
Well, they stare at the sky
Looking for things that will NEVER come by...
Like very small elephants
Two inches high.
They wait to see things that can’t possibly come...
Like five hundred bluebirds
Inside a bass drum.

They stand and watch for things like these:
Steering wheels on apple trees
And roller skates made out of cheese
And peanuts floating in the breeze
And three-cent stamps on bumble bees
And thimbles on the thumbs of fleas
And icicles that never freeze.

They never have fun.
Never play. Never run.
They’ve never found out that it’s terribly dumb
Just to stand around waiting for things that can’t come.

Last updated August 09, 2022