The Sneetches

by Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss

If you go to Aw-WawHoo
And walk down the beach,
You’ll notice a sort-of-a-bird called the Sneetch.
In fact, there are two sorts of Sneetches you’ll find:
The Star-Belly kind, and the Plain-Belly kind.
The Star-Belly Sneetches have bellies with stars.
The Plain-Belly Sneetches don’t have them on thars.
Now those stars...
They’re not big. They are really so small
You’d think such a thing wouldn’t matter at all.
But, because of their stars, all the Star-Belly Sneetches
Believe they’re the best kind of Sneetch on the beaches.
Won’t talk to the others! They pass them right by
With their snoots high-and-mighty, stuck up in the sky.
Won’t ask them to go to their parties or sleigh rides,
Their ball games, their marshmallow roasts or their hay rides.
And the Plain-Belly Sneetches...
Well, they get so mad
That they sometimes do things that are really quite bad,
And they throw dreadful things at the Star Bellies’ heads...
Like oysters and clams and the springs of old beds!
How they fight on those beaches,
Those unfriendly Sneetches!
And all because Sneetches whose bellies have stars
Think they’re better than Sneetches with none upon thars.
(And, really, it’s sort of a terrible shame,
For, except for those stars, every Sneetch is the same.)

Last updated August 09, 2022