Rev 12:11

and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.


I once sought to destroy
the followers
and children
of Christ.

I called them
fools, stupid and idiotic,
I stalked them,
attacked and hated them.

I was a man,
yes a man of flesh
of flesh and blood
but filled with evil

I could read minds
I knew self hypnoses
witchcraft helped me
overcome my fear for people.

I walked in darkness
I thought there was nothing to fear
I knew no master, boss or higher authority
or so I thought

Someone was knocking on my door
stuck in a hole, crying out loud for help.
I was stuck
I needed help.

I found
chains on my arms
a dark cloud
around my soul and spirit

I was trapped
struck by fear
one remaining question
left on my mind

where are you going?
Where? Where? Where?
I found my master himself
to be second best

my master was
Satan himself
I was darkened by terror
dark angels, dancing in my soul

I found myself
in a tunnel
no light
on my way

the road
yes my road
leading to condemnation
and eternal judgment in hell

I found a world of homeless
people in all the places
dark angels filling
the open spaces.

And a voice saying to me
the light. Follow the light
I saw happy faces
and angels crying out

I saw the cross
and he said to me
come, come to me
everyone come to me,...everyone

before I heard the rest
just like a pest
with nothing to say
I turned my head away

I wanted a sign that God existed
I questioned His favor for me
I questioned His word
I questioned His voice

then I saw him, king of darkness
sin of sins
it was Satan who enchained my soul
in darkness so I could not see the light

I was frozen, stilled by fear
knowing where I was going
I cried out for freedom
knowing where i was going

I needed to break the yoke on my life
knowing where I was going
I needed freedom from my past
knowing where I was going

shaken and stirred, waking up in fear
I saw it all, the nails and spear
I saw the cross
I saw the pain and blood

Like a lamb to the slaughter
One without blame
I saw Jesus carrying the cross
hanging there, in all that pain.

He took our sins
our death and shame
yet feeling nothing but love
in the pain

He was placed there by us
people like you and I
sinners from our day of birth
yet He saw our worth

we are the ones
who mocked, beated and killed Him
still He kept His love
and died for us

It was a dream
still it was so real
my minds taking me for a ride
to places and spaces

I was lost in mind
I was lost in soul
I was lost in body
I was lost in life

I was a player with powers
finding everything, every time, and nothing for free
I found I was enchained by darkness
my master was no giver but a taker

It was midnight when I saw the light
It was in my tomb where I saw the light
I was hiding away
then I saw the light

I saw the man, my helper and savior
He had fire in His eyes, but fire of love
He called me closer
but I could not move

When I looked around
I saw the other
Satan himself
holding my life, in his grasp

Jesus called me again
saying, come, come to me child
I'll give you rest
I'll break the yoke

I could not move
chains on my arms, holding me back
a yoke on my shoulders
keeping me down

my life, flashing before my eyes,
sins from beginning to end
scaling up tons of guild
looking for a good deed, finding none

then the words of a friend,
came back to me saying,...
“ He, and He alone, Jesus the king
of Kings can save you”

I fell on my knees
hands lifted to Christ
screaming out loud
and crying without end

Lord! Lord! I' m a sinner
I'm guilty, of everything
tears flowing from my face
please forgive me Lord

then suddenly
He reached down
yes, down to me
as He reached out with His hand

I looked up
and as I looked up
beholding the wounds
yes the wounds in His hands

as I look closer
closer and more intense
I can see a name written
yes my name written in His hands

and again,
screaming out to Himself
“ Lord! Lord! I repent
I believe You are my Lord and savior

then suddenly, as if back at the cross
blood starts flowing from His wounds
healing mine
washing all my sins away

The blood covers me
The chains rip off
The yoke breaks
My darkness turns to light

Standing up slowly
from my knees
realizing what just happened
and that I'm free

from my knees standing up
“ I'm free, I'm finally free!”
walking in His presence
finding comfort in His strong arms

Satan shocked and embarrassed
who lost the battle
to the living God
a battle he was destined to lose

Satan standing there
screaming out
“ No fair! No fair!,
I claimed him at birth...”

than suddenly, I saw
the light emitting
from my Lord and savior
proving He is the only light

then the Lord turned to me
and thus did He say unto me
“ there's a calling, yes a calling upon your life”
and this is what it is...

“ before I formed you, I knew you,
before you were born, I sanctified you,
and I ordained you
a Prophet to the nations”

then said I:
“Ah Lord God!
Behold I cannot speak,
for I am a youth”

but the Lord said to me:
“ Do not say,
'I am a youth'
for you shall go,

to all whom I send you
and whatever I command you, you shall speak.
Do not be afraid of their faces
for I am with you to deliver you”
says the Lord.

And the rest went by
it went by so fast,
and the calling was to be found
in Jeremiah 1, as the Lord Has said.

I don't care if someone
may call me an idiot
for yes I do
Love Jesus...

I don't care
call me a fool
for I do, I do, I do...
Love Jesus...

I am not ashamed
have me stoned
for I will always
Love Jesus...

I don't care
burn me
for I really do
Love Jesus...

I don't care
kill me
and I will still
Love Jesus...

I don't care
have me persecuted
and still I will
love Jesus...

I just wanna
Praise Him
worship Him
and glorify His name...

whatever the devil's gonna do
I don't care
for I love Jesus...

and Jesus Loves you,
Satan doesn't
Jesus rulz
and Satan drulz...

and as John 8:32 says:
“you shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free”
the truth: Jesus loves you, Satan don't.

13 June 1999

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