Blues Tango

You stand in distress
All tied up in a bun
A bun of fear – a bun of hope
A bun of defeat
Unwind that bun.

Dirty Blues Laundry Poetry Collection

Elizabeth Wartemberg's picture

I come from a family of writers. I took a few classes in poetry at University, but decided to later divert to a social science class at University. My poems are basically a collection of poetry based on post-structuralism and the nature of society we live in today. This versatile set of poetry not only portrays the harshness of the society that we live in today but it also reveals the hidden boundaries of depression that many are facing today and fail to admit. This is a must read and a gateway to starting a new and better lifestyle, especially if you are an adventurous type of person., Full name: Elizabeth Wartemberg, Pen name: E.Right, Credentials: Foundation degree in social sciences, Poetic Style/Format: Contemporary/Free verse

Last updated May 09, 2019