The Value Of Age

Barely age six but I am struggling to be
_only twelve but long to become one of the teens
Now in my teens and can't wait to hit the wild twenties
There is a slight echo ringing at the back of my thoughts
Life seems more adventurous and challenging
The road to thirties sets a new pace
I will soon be hitting forty and life
still gets naughtier
Many shadows of the past hover about and
I wake up and yell in admiration at my sudden age spots_the fifties are here and the sixties will soon be near
Yesterday I was thirty but now I am fifty
Now I am seventy
I wish I was still fifty
Time spins by so fast like a raging wind blowing a feather into a distance
on a stormy night
Now I am ninety...seventy could never seem livelier
So youthful and missed
Today I am one hundred years
and ninety seems like extra years

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I come from a family of writers. I took a few classes in poetry at University, but decided to later divert to a social science class at University. My poems are basically a collection of poetry based on post-structuralism and the nature of society we live in today. This versatile set of poetry not only portrays the harshness of the society that we live in today but it also reveals the hidden boundaries of depression that many are facing today and fail to admit. This is a must read and a gateway to starting a new and better lifestyle, especially if you are an adventurous type of person., Full name: Elizabeth Wartemberg, Pen name: E.Right, Credentials: Foundation degree in social sciences, Poetic Style/Format: Contemporary/Free verse

Last updated May 09, 2019