Isolated Vodka

Last night I died
I cried and I cried and I cried
I drowned all my pride and I cried
and I cried and I cried
I tripped over half a bottle of vodka
Did a U-turn on my bed
Where all my pain had fled

Was never really a devotee
But an insomniac
popping pills every night
that helped with the sleep alright

But last night, I took to a different flight
With bitter spite, under a faint light
I cried and I cried and I cried
Who would ever believe
Such an outstanding one of a kind
Would hide and abide
By rules so blind, so demeaning
Rules that wrench your soul to shreds
Tiny little shreds
That can never be put
Ever and never together again

So let it rain
Let it pour with rain
Like a speed train
A beast untamed
All over my bed

Let it rain and rain and rain
Like a never ending game
All over my bed
Let it rain and rain
With so many tears
Releasing so many fears

Last night I thought I was dying
Last night I died.
I woke up this morning and I knew I had died
I woke up this morning and I laughed
and I laughed and I laughed
For all that had happened were the
works of a drunken fool
I had been the object and the tool
I had survived my very own folly

Last night I cried and I died
Tonight I shall live to laugh.

Blues Laundry Collection

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I come from a family of writers. I took a few classes in poetry at University, but decided to later divert to a social science class at University. My poems are basically a collection of poetry based on post-structuralism and the nature of society we live in today. This versatile set of poetry not only portrays the harshness of the society that we live in today but it also reveals the hidden boundaries of depression that many are facing today and fail to admit. This is a must read and a gateway to starting a new and better lifestyle, especially if you are an adventurous type of person., Full name: Elizabeth Wartemberg, Pen name: E.Right, Credentials: Foundation degree in social sciences, Poetic Style/Format: Contemporary/Free verse

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