Death of Antoñito El Camborio

Voices of death rang out
near the Guadalquivir.
Ancient voices that surround
manly carnation voice.
Nailed them on the boots
wild boar bites.
In the fight I jumped
dolphin soaps.
Bath with enemy blood
his crimson tie,
but there were four daggers
and had to succumb.
When the stars nail
rejones to gray water,
when the ages dream
veronicas of wallflower,
voices of death rang out
near the Guadalquivir.

Antonio Torres Heredia,
Camborio with hard mane,
brown with green moon,
manly carnation voice:
Who has taken your life
near the Guadalquivir?
My four cousins Heredias
sons of Benamejí.
What others did not envy,
they already envied him in me.
Corinth shoes,
ivory medallions,
and this kneaded complexion
with olive and jasmine.
Ay Antoñito el Camborio,
worthy of an Empress!
Come to the Virgin
because you're going to die.
Oh Federico García,
call the Civil Guard!
My size has already been broken
like corn stalk.

Three strokes of blood had
and he died in profile.
Long live currency than ever
it will repeat itself.
A marching angel lays
his head on a cushion.
Others of tired blush,
they lit a lamp.
And when the four cousins
they arrive in Benamejí,
voices of death ceased
near the Guadalquivir.

Last updated August 11, 2022