Christmas Eve

by George Arnold

George Arnold

Then what shall I put in the stocking
That the hazel-eyed maiden hung
On a twig of red-berried holly
When the Christmas-eve hymn was sung?
Let me put my heart in the stocking
-A fitting gift it would be!But my heart is large, - it is boundless, -
And the stocking is dainty and wee.
Well, here is the ring on my finger,
I've worn it many a year;'T was the gift of an ancient comrade
Whose memory I hold dear.
Yet nothing on earth I treasure
So much that she might not say, -
"0, give me this if you love me," -
And bear it - a trophy - away!
So I drop my ring in the stocking
-She knows it is mine full well.
(Good comrade, I prithee, forgive me!
None other my love could tell.)

Last updated September 17, 2022