On the Sands

by George Arnold

George Arnold

I MET Jessie Leigh
On the sands;
Sweetly she smiled on me,
While breezes from the sea
Brought dreamy odors as from distant lands,
And the warm sunshine fell
O'er weed, and pebble, and shell,
Upon the sands.
I sat with Jessie Leigh
On the sands;
Very fair was she,
And very kind to me;
I kissed her forehead, and her dainty hands,
While the white moon above
Witnessed our vows of love,
Upon the sands.
I saw Jessie Leigh
On the sands;
Cold and white lay she,
Drowned in the cruel sea,
Her fair hair floating in dishevelled strands.
Would God I too had died,
And slept there by her side,
Upon the sands!

Last updated September 17, 2022