Carbs: An Essay

by Gregory Sherl

Gregory Sherl

The egg I came from was so big & full of yellow.
My pockets were full of Valium. My pockets’ pockets
were full Valium & my Valium’s pockets were full
of Xanax. Such heavy hearts, such forever thinking.

It is hard understanding life.

Coo coo coo goes something that coos.

These days I never wonder aloud Where did all the giant sloths go?
I know where they went: Heaven, obviously.

Poor sloths & their discontinued spines.
Poor elephants, you are pregnant for so long.

I’m sorry.


Lately I have wanted to tear the world apart,
tell my lover We will live quietly in a corner.

I’m exhausted & dirty as hell
& I’m not even talking about my cock.

Put hip-hop on the back of my neck.
Put my neck on the front of her neck.

Everything makes me feel old.

Abraham turns his iPod up, doesn’t hear God
say Drop the axe.

Jesus isn’t eating, He’s dieting for Salvation.

Maybe nobody is hungry & that’s why two fish
feed thousands.

I am a carb man myself.

Last updated October 17, 2022