by Ilire Zajmi

Under your name
People clean their sins
Covering veil of decadence

Idols without masks
All the time rise and fall

I talked to Nietzsche
One late November night
And he still believes in Superman

Today saint to divinity
Tomorrow ruthlessly defiled
Satan old fashioned idol

I wish to Nietzsche goodbye
Night revolves on fog scratch
Zarathustra will preach tomorrow

Age of idols have died
God is hiding behind the scenes.

Ilire Zajmi

Ilire Zajmi's picture

Ilire Zajmi, writer from Prishtina, Kosovo. Ilire writes poems, and prose. Author of seven books., Three poem collections, two published in Albanian language, one published in Portugal, in English language. Author of one novel, and a publicistic book "Un treno per Blace" published in Italian language, 1999 in Italy. "Television pictures and reality" study book, published by Saga publishing house, Kosovo.

Last updated September 21, 2011