by Muralidharan Mudaliar


A moving panorama
Of wonders
Of shades and colors
An infinite variation
Expressing eternity

Liquid pools
your eyes- of cascade pure
Surging and welling
A language
Of dance and dreams
That locked me in
Ever moving, ever expressing

A profound reflection
Of depth
Of caressing feminity
Of quelling passions
Of soothing balms
That promise
To take me in
And smother
The trifles and irritants

Your face
A moving panorama
Ever changing, ever forming
Like clouds in the desert skies
Portraying hues of red and gold
Leaving tell tale signs
Of transient mirth
And moods engrossed in.
Mar 86

Muralidharan Mudaliar

in every way, in every deed, at every time... some words, rise and describe.. something, deep and clear.. sometimes, i follow, sometimes i linger.. sometimes i write.. and what is lost i do not mourn, what i have i do cherish.. and some i do want to share

Last updated January 19, 2012