by Joe DeMarco

What you seek you shall never find,
The transformation to death is not one that is kind.
For God kept immortality for only him,
So dawdle in the twilight for your time is slim
Let your days be filled with love and giving,
May you never regret one moment of living.
Enjoy the simple things like warm baths and kisses
Forget about the fears, anxiety and near misses.
Hold someone's hand, laugh, give someone a hug,
because your time will be over before your grave is dug.

At Play in the Killing Fields

Joe DeMarco's picture

Joseph DeMarco was born in New York City; he grew up in Buffalo, NY. He has taught seventh grade on the island of Oahu, Hawaii for the last ten years. He is the author of the novels Plague of the Invigilare, The 4 Hundred and 20 Assassins of Emir Abdullah-Harazins, At Play in the Killing Fields, Blind Savior, False Prophet, and Vegans Are Tastier. He is currently working on several new projects.

Last updated October 05, 2017