The Road Not Taken- The Reincarnation

by Joe DeMarco

The False Prophet took a piece of paper out of his pocket. It was a poem. While writing it, he remembered, he felt like he was solving a puzzle. Originally, when Joe Kaye first developed the theory that he had left a message for himself in a past life, he thought he might have been Robert Frost. He had written this poem, to either prove that he was or wasn’t the reincarnation of Robert Frost. After writing it he still couldn’t decide, and he still didn’t know what the message was that he had supposedly left for himself. He read the paper to himself. This is what was written on it.

The Road Not Taken-The Reincarnation

TWO paths emerged in greenish pasture

And since it was impossible to go down both

I thought which way would get me to my destination faster?
And wondered if speed was important when running the race

Isn’t it objective that matters and not the pace?

I went down the beaten path with grass so long

Which was dark and twisting, with no end in sight

And even though I stood tall and strong

I wondered if I had wandered wrong

And philosophized if there was such a thing as wrong or right

Although each path was equally unstable

The one I strayed down had more twists and turns

Oh I kept the second path for another fable

Yet knowing how stall leads to stable

I was certain I would never return

I revisit this with a pondering thought

And years from now reflecting on the past

Two paths diverged and still I fought

And took the one that’s hardly sought
 And that has made my happiness so much more vast.

In the end he decided he was not the reincarnation of Robert Frost, and went back to the drawing board studying more writers and poets.

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Joseph DeMarco was born in New York City; he grew up in Buffalo, NY. He has taught seventh grade on the island of Oahu, Hawaii for the last ten years. He is the author of the novels Plague of the Invigilare, The 4 Hundred and 20 Assassins of Emir Abdullah-Harazins, At Play in the Killing Fields, Blind Savior, False Prophet, and Vegans Are Tastier. He is currently working on several new projects.

Last updated July 22, 2012