Shores of Eternity

by Lawrence LaVerdure

Images fade as the light dims
The world in all its matter-of-factness flutters and
Becomes a spectral memory.

I am alone with my chattering, gossiping mind.
There ought to be an off switch somewhere
So I can have some real silence to

Rest in the dark wordless womb of the world
Float in the warm salty sea undulating
In synch with the breathless moon

Sink into dreamless sleep to
Where the pulse taps its tiny drum
For a while and then no more

Here on the shores of eternity
Waves from the trinity of tenses
End their debate

And lay themselves down
Flat as a mirror
In the center of us all

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Born and raised in a small rural town in Massachusetts in 1949, one of twelve children in a French-Catholic family. My father fancied himself a great thespian and would regale his children with outrageously hammed-up performances of ballads and poems. The seed was planted and I regaled my own children with the same and this eventually turned into writing new material. Currently live and write in the Front Range of Colorado where I read stories for my granddaughter and she provides me with new material.

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